Some of our activities we’ve put up down below.

On others, like Narrative Management in Conflict Dynamics, we’ve elaborated for you a bit further.

Concept for Narrative Management in conflict dynamics by PLA
Narrative Management in Conflict Dynamics

Narrative Management in Conflict Dynamics 

Brief preview – Our current mission is to counter extremists strategies to use social media and elaborate communication to destabilize countries and regions. So-called narratives are disseminated in which disinformation, hatred and propaganda are combined to create narratives that appeal to existing fears, prejudices and needs of the local population. As a result, trust in institutions and fellow citizens is damaged and conflicts between population groups are fueled.

We intend to expand the project beyond the two current project regions of Northern Ghana and The Gambia and to involve further countries and relevant actors. “Narrative Management in Conflict Dynamics” is a project by the University of Berlin in partnership with Hanns Seidel Foundation and the Project Lighthouse Africa e.V.

You can even see some of the latest impressions here.

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