9 the landfill and the smoke harms the population living close to the dumpsite 2

Landfill and bio gas CHP unit at Bakoteh dumpsite

As many African countries, Gambia has a waste problem, which not only threatens the environment of the West African country, but which does also affect the population’s health. Therefore, Project Lighthouse Gambia (PLG) is engaged with a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project by establishing a landfill and bio gas Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit, in order to make a future-oriented contribution to an ecological meaningful and sustainable waste treatment and a stable power generation in the Gambia.

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The Project Movie “Landfill and bio gas CHP project in the Gambia” below will give you a brief introduction to the background of the project.

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More Information
Dr. Yves Lamour explains the current sewage treatment and potential for the bio gas CHP (in German language).

Futher clips related to the “landfill and bio gas CHP project” and the waste management in the Gambia you will find on our
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