Welcome to Project Lighthouse Africa e.V

Project Lightouse Africa e.V. (PLA) and its two daughter organizations Project Lighthouse Gambia and Project Lighthouse Kenya committed themselves to fund and support projects fostering sustainable development of infrastructure in West and East Africa. 

The organizations plan and realize country specific projects which after an inauguration phase of co-funding will be become capable of bearing their own financial needs. In order to assure sustainability charitable and commercial elements are interconnected. The pattern of organization is locally oriented providing the needed flexibility for quick changing project requirements. In close collaborations with external partners the Project Lighthouse organizations gather the required Know How for a successful realization of identified projects.

The core area of PLA activities targets the sectors of energy generation, environmental awareness, healthcare, educational system, trade andagricultural development.

Originating from our approach PLA is on a quest for identifying promising collaborations and partnerships on charitable as well as commercial level always depending on the miscellaneous characters of the various projects.

The PLA organization profits further from the different specialized skills of its members of the managing board which are in charge of evaluation, realization, coordination and monitoring of targeted projects.     

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Thank you for your patience.