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First Green Desert workshop and researches at PLG’s Training and Knowledge Centre (VTC)

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Robert Strey from Green Desert shows the volunteer workers how to produce organic fertiliser. After the four weeks workshop the volunteers have been able to produce their own fertiliser and gained experience in seedling breeding and planting on the experimental training field of ProLightGambia’s VTC area

New Yundum – During a first Green Desert workshop in May 2011 a team from ProLightAfrica’s partner organisation Green Desert e.V. has trained volunteer workers from ProLightGambia’s Vocational Training and Knowledge Centre (VTC) at New Yundum in the Gambia. The training was focused on the production of fertiliser with local available material, construction of a fertiliser station and the experimental seedling breeding and planting by using fertilised soil.

Mr. Robert Strey, a senior student in geology and soil science and Mrs. Bianca Kummer, a landscape architecture candidate, spent more than three weeks in the West African Country. Goal of the excursion was a first feasibility study for Green Desert projects like innovative farming techniques, mechanical pump systems, wind generators and compost toilets. Green Desert e.V. is a charitable science and technology association based and registered in Hannover, Germany.