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International Research Project on ICT-based Local Information and Communication Systems for Sustaining Development

In a project funded by the German Ministry of Research and Education an international research team is currently exploring the viability of an international comparative research project on the use of digital and mobile media in European and African countries.

The research question focuses on the role of communication and media use in the context of infrastructure and development projects and includes researchers from Freie Universität BerlinUniversity of the GambiaUniversity of Nairobi and researchers from Sierra Leone as well as business partners and civic organizations like ‘Project Lighthouse Africa’ and its subsidiaries Project Lighthouse Kenya and Project Lighthouse Gambia.

Central questions are: Which are the attitudes and knowledge of the local population about the environmental situation in their region? Which is the role local and regional media (including radio and ICTs like the mobile phone system) play in this context? A further research question is to find out which applications / content form / mobile media channel could be used (or have to be developed) to reach the population. Therefore best practice examples which already exist (especially in East Africa, like Kenya) shall be described and assessed in the context of the project goals.

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