Our sustaining members support our work annually through an individually chosen financial contribution and show through their membership that they stand behind our cause. In doing so, they make an important contribution, make our work and our projects secure and plannable in the long term.

You too can participate and support our work in assisting the Project Lighthouse Africa e.V..
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It takes just a minute with adding some few personal details and the annual amount you’d like to support our cause with.

FAQ for membership

  • Is my data safe?

    To become a supporting member of Project Lighthouse Africa e.V., we ask you to provide your personal data in the donation form. Your data is also protected when donating online and is transmitted securely using a globally recognized SSL key. All data you enter will be encrypted in SSL mode (128Bit) and will only be sent in encrypted form.

    SSL (Secure-Socket-Layer) is a method of encryption that prevents unauthorized third parties from reading data transmitted over the Internet. This procedure has meanwhile established itself as a worldwide security standard and has been successfully practiced by us for several years. After establishing a connection with the web server, both sides (browser and web server) agree on a so-called session key. After this process, the communication between both partners is encrypted with the session key.
    The encryption is usually specified in the protocol as https:// and can also be recognized in your browser window in the lower menu bar by the lock or key symbol that appears.

    You can find more information about the security of your data in our privacy policy.

  • How does the supporting membership work?

    If you decide to become a sustaining member online, please enter your personal data in the form in the first step. Your sponsorship contributions will then be transmitted by direct debit.

    Direct debit
    To issue a direct debit mandate, we need your account number and bank code or IBAN. The name of your credit institution is automatically recognized by the entries. Please enter the annual donation amount with which you would like to support our work. After your details have been checked in the second step, confirm them in step 3 and your annual contribution will be debited from your account by Project Lighthouse Africa. We will announce this debit to you in advance. Among other things, we will inform you of the debit date and the amount. We will announce one-time and permanent direct debits to you by e-mail.

  • How can i deduct my sponsorship contribution from my taxes?

    Your donations are tax deductible. Once a year you will receive a donation receipt, which you can submit to the tax office.

  • What is an IBAN and where can i find it?

    IBAN stands for “International Bank Account Number”. It replaces the previous account number and always has 22 digits in Germany. In other European countries, it can have up to 34 digits – but please note that donations are only possible with a German IBAN. This always begins with the two-digit country code “DE”. You will find your IBAN on your bank statements.

  • Why personal information of the account holder?

    We can only issue donation receipts to the account holder of the account from which a donation reaches us. Therefore, it is important that the personal information in the donation form refers to the account holder. Unfortunately, a donation in the name of a third person is not possible.