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  • NAMA4PD documentary on fighting disinformation and hate speech

    #NAMA4PD Documentary 2023

    Finally the #NAMA4PD documentary it is out! We are happy to be able to show you the #NAMA4PD concept this way. Watch the new documentary to learn more about what we're trying to accomplish and how we're working to engage…
  • #NAMA4PD Ziguinchor Workshop Image of Group of participants Februar 2023

    #NAMA4PD Ziguinchor workshop – Cooperation criteria

    To achieve declarations of readiness for future cooperation among the partners in the network, that was the aim to develop criteria for future work on fighting disinformation.
  • Little boy with a wooden drum

    #NAMA4PD Trailer 2023

    This trailer gives a short introduction to the concept of #NAMA4PD. We want to understand what role does traditional media and the new digital mobile media play in the emergence of conflicts, how interested parties, like insurgent groups, like foreign…