#NAMA4PD situational mapping - workshop for narrative management for peace through dialogue - Dakar, Senegal 2022

First #NAMA4PD workshop – Situational Mapping

#NAMA4PD kickoff with situational mapping

Dakar – Following the launch of measures to develop a intersectoral and interreligious Conflict Prevention Task Force in September 2022,  the first of two workshops – #NAMA4PD Situational Mapping – took place in Dakar, Senegal, in December 2022.

Joint exchange of experience

It served as a first joint exchange of information and experience with already identified and networked project partners and stakeholders of the #NAMA4PD concept. Together with the participants, essential keystones for the second workshop in February 2023 were developed and discussed.

Local ownership

The involvement of local and regional stakeholders in this early phase generated local ownership already at the beginning of this #NAMA4PD project and fostered trust between the potential partners, which in consequence were able to create a common picture of the current situation.

Successful cooperations

At the same time, this was a successful kick-off for Project Lighthouse Africa e.V.’s cooperation with its Senegalese partner AHDIS, with the support of the Bavarian State Chancellery and the East Bavarian Technical University.