Vocational Training Centre at New Yundum

Gambia – Project Lighthouse Gambia has constructed and established a Vocational Training Centre (VTC) in the West African country the Gambia. The VTC aims to give young people from the surrounding communities the opportunity to gain hands on experience either on practical as well as on theoretical skills in farming and trade. The VTC is located at New Yundum close to the Banjul International Airport.

The Vocational Training and Knowledge Centre has been mainly founded by Pamodou S. Jallow, supported by the women garden community of New Yundum and volunteer workers from Tabokoto.

It consists of a training area for mixed farming concepts and experimental cropping and a workshop area for practical applications. The different workshops include carpenter, tailor, metal processing and electrical training facilities.

Experienced specialists and technicians from the surrounding area in charge of the training of interested and motivated youth. The VTC gives them the possibility to develop their skills and get a positive direction in their life even if they were inferior to social, financial or other circumstances. Also workshops with experts from Germany are organised. Therefore a close cooperation with the organization of Green Dessert e.V. based in Hannover was established.

Manufactured work pieces and provided services contribute to the revenue of the VTC and after the build-up and familiarization phase the centre will become financial independent. Thorough engagement of the community of New Yundum and a continuous readiness of volunteers from Tabokoto enabled ProLightGambia to finish the shell of VTC building in a one year period.

Reaching completion of the training centre and for entering the operational phase the VTC project still asks for further supporting (financial as well as donations in kind, e.g. sewing-machines, tooling, machinery for divers workshops).

The workshop complex is still under construction. Vocational training on carpentry, sewing, electricity and mechanic skills will offer a big opportunity to the youth. Especially to those who don’t have the chance to get a proper education on theoretical and practical level.