Project Lighthouse Gambia

We would like to welcome you to the website of Project Lighthouse Gambia Company Limited by Guarantee (PLG). We are a social enterprise incorporated in The Gambia under the Companies Act, 2013, with the company number 2015/C2355. Before PLG got transformed into a social enterprise in August 2015, the organisation operated as charitable organisation in The Gambia since 2009.

Project Lighthouse Gambia pursues the purpose to support The Gambia with its development of sustainable infrastructure such as renewable energy, CDM & environment, capacity building and job creation and the trade sector. PLG wants to build up shining example projects for (West) Africa which shows that Africa has a chance to become an aid independent continent.

PLG belongs to the Project Lighthouse Africa family whereat the headquaters is a registered non-profit society in Berlin/Germany.

On this website you find essential information about objectives, the board of trustees and PLG projects.

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