Purpose of Project Lighthouse Africa e.V. is the advancement of Development Corporation. The organisation will pursue the purpose to support Gambia, Kenya and other African countries with sustainable infrastructural development of the energy, environment, agriculture, education, health and trade sector. That way it will build a lighthouse project for the whole Africa.

Centre of the activities is the belief that African countries have a chance in the long run to free themselves autonomously from the dependence on development aid, corruption and bad governance, to build prospering societies and sustainable socio-economic conditions. This, however, asks for aid for self-help, informing, consulting and initial projects.  

Core work of Project Lighthouse Africa e.V. is planning, development and implementation of a country-specific tailored sustainable development, which primarily covers the following areas:

  • Waste disposal and environmental protection programs
  • Stand Alone and stable power supply based on renewable, environment-friendly and alternative energy sources
  • Setup and advancement of country specific logistics and trade centres for a fair, sustainable and legal raw material and merchandise trade with African, European and other nations
  • Setup and advancement of Farm-to-Market-Roads concepts
  • Setup and advancement of agricultural collectives as well as an advanced training program for agricultural techniques
  • Setup and advancement of an integrated school and training system (on the basis of an integrated approach of the German vocational school and university of cooperative education model)
  • Setup of decentralised water supply
  • Facilitation to setting up business with the help of micro credits